New Blog: What You’ll Find Here…

…is a lot of stuff about running.  And a lot of stuff about beer.

I am a runner.  I became a runner at around 30 years old, so a bit late to be any sort of champion, prodigy, or coach.  I may never run Boston, I’ll probably never win my age group in a race (unless I’m the only runner in my age group).

Running somewhat caused me to become a better beer drinker.  For a few years, the only race I ran was a memorial run in mid-August.  After some downright horrid times (by my standards), I decided to actually compete and improve in running.  I had one failed attempt where I started to run 9 weeks before the August race and stopped running after the race.  The second time I kept going through the winter.  The following year, I branched out in terms of races (more on that in a sec).  At the same memorial run, I won my class- the “Clydesdale Class” for people heavier than 220 pounds.  The following year (we’re up to 2014, BTW), I was no longer eligible to defend my title because my weight had fallen to 216 pounds.  I ran a 27:01 5k.

2014-05-03 09.55.48

Little Kings Mile. No Cream Ale to be found at the finish, though.  Had to ‘settle’ for Hudepohl Amber.

Running into Beer Drinking

When I started branching out in races, I stumbled on the Bockfest 5k.  It was a cold day and I knew nothing of the sweetness of bock beer on a chilly spring morning following a great 5k.  Later that day, I went out and purchased two 6-packs of Bock Beer (Yuengling Bock and Hudepohl Bock).  The spiral of drinking less Yuengling Lager and Budweiser and drinking more craft beers had begun.

Beer Drinking to Beer Exploration

I had, over the course of a handful of months, went from a beer drinker – one who drinks beer – to a beer explorer.  I made it a goal to unlock badges in Untappd based on how many unique beers I’ve drank.  I realized that my pallet, which at one time was apprehensive of Stone’s Arrogant Bastard Ale because of the text on the back of the bottle, now looked forward to trying different styles of beer and different brewery’s take on those styles.  I had attained the level of “I fear no beer”.


…and I’m 23 away from 200…

Fast forward to now, I’m beginning to get into brewing my own beer.  I may at some time grow my own hops (growing peppers and carrots in the garden has worked well for me, and hops are much more useful 🙂 ).

2014-08-09 14.27.39

“Make your own 6-pack” has quite a ring to it when the bottles in the holder are ones you’ve brewed!


So What Is This Blog About Again?

Beer brewing and running.  I’m an expert at neither.  I’ll be posting about my experiences – successes and mitsakes.