620 Miles…

…is how many miles I’ve logged this year.  620.56 to be exact.  I love that I have Endomondo to track that for me.

Today was a 9 mile run in preparation for the Hudepohl 14k (this is “Running on Beer”, after all!).  The H14k is probably my favorite run.  One reason is because it is meant to be fun.

Another two reasons why it is my favorite are that the wimps all run the 7k, and the real runners run the 14k (we lose the 7k runners about 2 miles into the course where they turn back) and the route.  The route has many breweries marked (many in places that are no longer breweries or even buildings at this point) and that we get to go through the Dalton Street Tunnel under Union Terminal.  Also, there are only two decent hills that are not killers – Brighton Bridge and Liberty Street.  These are easy compared to going up Gilbert in the Flying Pig Marathon!

This year I might be prepared a little early, but I’m ramping up mileage because I want to break 1,000 miles this year.  I decided on this in June or so, when I only had 418 miles in.  With recent increases, I expect I’ll likely break 1,000 miles around Thanksgiving.  Also, having a good long run (which will probably be around 10 miles) will put me in a very good position for whatever half marathon I run next year, whether it be the Pig (where my 2:17 is unfinished business because I KNOW I can do better) or something else.

Anyway, below are some pics from last year.