New Brewing Setup Plan

After the last beast of a brew day, I want to fix my setup to make the next brew (soon, hopefully) easier.  I don’t need all the fancy-pants pumps and stuff, but I do need a good way to heat water quickly and safely.  Convenience is pretty important to me as well, so I’m not going to brew in my garage (no sink and poor electrical and poor lighting).

So I drew (literally) my plan.

New Setup!

New Setup!

This is a plan in four phases, and since I’m looking for content, I’m going to have a post for each phase.

Phase 1: 120v Upgrades This is minor upgrades to the electric at my brewing area including an outlet at the brewing station and a better light.

Phase 2: 240v Wiring This is the major part of the wiring.  I’m not afraid of electricity at all (I’ve been shocked a few times), but I do take care (which is probably why those shocks weren’t enough to kill me).

Phase 3: Control Box Since I don’t have hundreds or thousands of dollars sitting around, I’m making my control box myself.

Phase 4: Finish Up and Testing I’m not doing all this stuff for my health!  There’s a few things that will have to be added in, like a pump.  Realistically, I’m going to need to another kettle, too, but that will be a while.