Radio Red Ale

I brewed my best beer so far – a subtly hoppy amber ale.  This is the beer I’m going to enter into the Cincinnati Malt Infusers competition.  It came out well – I can’t stop drinking it, and I can’t stop thinking about different things I want to try with the recipe.  Of course I need to brew more of this as I can’t stop grabbing it out of the fridge.


Recipe Details

Batch Size Boil Time IBU SRM Est. OG Est. FG ABV
5 gal 60 min 36.5 IBUs 13.0 SRM 1.058 1.016 5.5 %
Actuals 1.046 1.01 4.7 %

Style Details

Name Cat. OG Range FG Range IBU SRM Carb ABV
American Amber Ale 6 B 1.045 - 1.056 1.01 - 1.015 20 - 40 11 - 18 2.3 - 2.8 4.5 - 5.7 %


Name Amount %
Pale Malt (2 Row) US 10 lbs 88.89
Caramel/Crystal Malt - 40L 1 lbs 8.89
Roasted Barley 4 oz 2.22


Name Amount Time Use Form Alpha %
Centennial 0.75 oz 60 min Boil Pellet 9
Centennial 1 oz 15 min Boil Pellet 9
Citra 1 oz 7 days Dry Hop Pellet 12


Name Lab Attenuation Temperature
American Ale (1056) Wyeast Labs 75% 60°F - 72°F


Step Temperature Time
Mash In 156°F 88 min

Recipe licensed under the Creative Commons “by-nc” license.

Taste and Stuff

I love the flavor.  I love the citrus hop flavor coming through. The beer has a great head and lacing.  My only concern (from a competition standpoint) is the color is a little darker than I expected, and I think I will get dinged for it.  I am very happy with the clarity of the beer, though, as my second brew and only partial mash beer was an IPA that tasted great but was very cloudy.  This is pretty clear.

2015-01-01 21.03.54

Not the greatest picture artistically, but good to show the clarity and color. It does have a red hue.

2015-01-01 21.04.02-2

In the glass, it looks a bit dark, but even after the head dies down there is some good lacing.