Saison + Brett from a 50W Brett Is My Copilot Bottle

I like the idea of experimenting.

First, I saw this on Twitter:

Screenshot 2015-04-08 21.16.54

Some dude posted this on Twitter…


@CffmBeech is Country Fresh Farm Market on Beechmont Avenue.  It’s about 1/4 mile away from my LHBS, Paradise Brewing.  I needed to drop by Paradise for a hop rhizome.  And I’m a beer explorer, so I couldn’t resist wanting this.  So I dropped by CFFM and after finding the bottles.

I sought some help from a friend that is going to (or just graduated from) the Seibel Institute.  He was asking if I used brett for the Saison, since that’s the traditional fermentation ‘method’.

The other person's name has been removed since I didn't ask him if I could post this.

The other person’s name has been removed since I didn’t ask him if I could post this.

So I thought about something…

Oh look, what do we have here?

Oh look, what do we have here?

Note the 100% Brett fermented...

Note the 100% Brett fermented…

So while I was stopping by Paradise picking up that hop rhizome, I got a 1-gallon carboy to try this out.  My Saison was nearly done fermenting, but I racked about a gallon into the second carboy (which was washed and sterilized, of course!), sprayed sanitizer around the cap of Brett is my Copilot, and poured all but about 3/4″ of it into a glass, and swirled the rest and pitched it into the second carboy.

In secondary!

In secondary!

Within 5 minutes, the airlock was bubbling, but I don’t know if that was because of the Brett or if it was because of other reasons.  There is no pellicle yet (a few days after pitching), but there’s still time.  And I’m going to save the yeast/brett mix for my next Saison.

Oh, and this happened too:




PS: Brett Is My Copilot is a pretty good beer, too!  It’s tart and citrusy.  I can definitely see this as a beer to enjoy while sitting outside on a warm Cincinnati summer day.