Site Expansion: Tasting Notes of My Beers

I’m starting something a little interesting with this site – tasting notes.  It’s under the “My Beers” link on the menubar.

I’m following what appears to be the general consensus on how to taste, rate, and review beers.  There’s some slight differences, but it’s what Beer Advocate, BJCP, and many others use.  A lot of bloggers use it too, like Queen City Drinks (example).  This involves scoring the beer on five criteria:

  1. Appearance
  2. Aroma
  3. Taste
  4. Mouthfeel
  5. Overall Impression

Additionally, I am going to try to be better on Untappd when it comes to reviews on my first drink of a beer.  I’m trying to do the first four of the five, but I tend to run out of characters (damn 140 character limit!), but even if I veer from this, it will never be as bad as “Not my thing”, which I’m sure I’ve left once.

The first of these is my Friend of Hades IPA v.2.  The second will be the Surfin’ Saison w/Brett, which will be posted in a few days.

Friend of Hades IPA v.2

Friend of Hades IPA v.2


The biggest reason is to help improve my beer tasting vocabulary.  Improving my vocabulary ultimately leads to improving my homebrew, which goes back into the tasting notes, which improves my vocabulary, which improves my homebrew… this is a vicious cycle.

Who knows, maybe I’ll improve my Beertography in the process.