This Blog: One Year Later

So I’ve had this blog for about a year.

In the first blog post on this blog, I talked about running a bit, and a little bit about beer.


I’ve posted 9 posts about running.

I’ve since lost 15 pounds and then re-gained some after I developed an injury (which has kept me from running since May).  I did PR in the 5K in January with a 24:10 (7:46 minutes per mile!) and in the half marathon (2:01:11), which I did while injured and under the influence of Advil.  I’m just starting to get back into running, despite not being given the okay by my doctor.

I don’t write much on here about running, because even if I wasn’t injured, there isn’t much to write about.  But I will have more as I get back into it and as I change up things to ensure that I don’t end up with an obscure injury again.  Weight training is important, and when I get into it, I will dedicate a post to it.


I’ve posted 42 posts about beer.

I’ve come a long way.  My first batch went into the fermenter on 9/16/14.  It was an all-extract pale ale using John Palmer’s recipe.  I’ve come a long way – I’ve moved to all-grain and I’ve brewed five all-grain batches (in addition to one that was dry malt extract with some steeped grain).  I’ve built a fermentation chamber to control temperatures to be able to make lager styles (say what you want, but there are some damn good lager styles out there!).  I started growing hops to attempt to continue to be an INSATIABLE ANIMAL while not breaking the budget.

In the first post, I was 23 beers shy of the 200 badge in Untappd.  Today, I’m over 500.  I’ve observed changes in my palate – back then I couldn’t handle bock and Scottish/Wee Heavy beers because of the malty sweetness.  Now, I don’t shy from those styles.  I can pick out off-flavors a little better.  I’ve tried at least five of many different styles, according to Untappd.

I’ve done a few dumb things too, but for the most part, every brew has been good.

I owe a lot of what I’ve learned to those posting questions and answers on Reddit and a handful of friends that know a ton more than I do.  Most homebrewers are very helpful.  I’ve not asked many questions directly, and that’s only because my Google-fu is pretty good and between Reddit Homebrewing, Homebrew Talk, and other blogs, I rarely need to ask because nothing I’ve ever wanted to ask is new.  And on those occasions where I have something specific to ask, I have a few friends that are far more experienced than I am, and one that is a Siebel Institute Alum.  I’ve done a few dumb things too, but for the most part, every brew has been good.  Certainly Papazian’s rule “Relax, Don’t Worry, Have a Homebrew” works.  I’ve proved that several times over.


I have a few draft posts that need finishing.  I have too many things I want to do (but not enough money to do most of it).  Next week will be a continuation of this post with what I want to do for the next year of blogging, brewing, and running.  Another one that is in the queue is my soapbox about the Brew United Competition.  By “Soapbox”, I’m using the ham radio contest version, which can be summed up with “Focus your comments on your involvement in the contest–funny things that happened, new experiences for you in the contest, stories that may help others to learn from your efforts, or simply your general impression of the event.” (from eHam).  It’s half written already, but the second half is still a little bit from being written.

Cheers to another year of blogging, brewing, drinking, and running!