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Happy New Years!

Everyone does some sort of sappy new year’s day post with some resolutions that they forget a few weeks later.

Yeah, this is resolutions

Yeah, this.

I’m going to be different – unlike last year where I actually had some resolutions, this year I have some things in progress.

Better Bottle Washer

As much as I want to move into kegging, like, NOW, I’m not – I’d rather be patient and do it right.  So I want to do something better for washing bottles that uses less water.

Bottle Washer Preview

Bottle Washer Preview

Mash and Brewhouse Efficiency

I have never had great mash or brewhouse efficiency.  This is something I am going to deal with. From my last five brews, my mash (extract) efficiency ranges from 54% to 73% (as calculated by BeerSmith). My brewhouse (volume) efficiency is worse, measuring 53% to 66%. I really want these in the 70s.   I am looking at potential changes to my mash tun (a cooler) as well as possibly getting a grain mill.


I think I said sometime over the past year that I was going to put off sours for a while.  I don’t know how much longer. There is something interesting about a Flanders Red or a Kriek Lambic or a Berlinerweisse.  This will likely be late in 2016.

The Pipeline

I just ran out of my IPA. I have a Kölsh, and an American Stout in bottles.  I have a pre-prohibition lager lagering and a black IPA I just brewed.  I have a very busy two weeks ahead and then I want to brew an IPA and then a cream ale. I’m going to try to have a pipeline so I buy less beer.  It’s not that I don’t like commercial beer, it’s that it can be quite expensive.  I do want to have a pipeline going so I constantly have a few beers ready to drink.