This is a blog about running and beer

Two things I’m okay at.  Two things I’m improving at.

I’m not a fast runner, but I’ve logged a few thousand miles.  I’ve won a division in a race twice (it was the weight class, for which I am no longer eligible).

I’m a beer drinker.  I’ve drank nearly 300 types of beers that I’ve logged in Untappd (and many more than were before I got Untappd).  I’m a (relatively) recent convert from Bud Light to Budweiser to Yuengling to many beers that aren’t any of those three. My palate has moved from crappy American “light lagers” to preferring pale ales and IPAs.  I’m getting into the idea of brewing beer, so that’s part of the reason why I created this website.

I run a few other websites, siliconcreek.net, which is mostly transportation modeling, data, and programming, and ke8p.us, which is amateur radio and electronics.


Comments: Your comment is your own, but I have moderation rights.  If I don’t like your comment, I will delete it. If you don’t like that, go get your own domain name and get a hosting package and you can link back to my blog if you so desire.

Beer Recipes: My recipes are mine, but those that I post here are intended for sharing.  They are licensed under the Creative Commons “by-nc” license.  This basically means:

  • You can use the recipe to brew some beer
  • You can share the beer brewed from the recipe with your friends, family, etc., provided they do not pay you for it*
  • You can adjust the recipe and post your adjustments on your website (or as a comment on this website)
  • You can link to the recipe from your website or social media platforms
  • You can NOT take one of my recipes and start brewing it for commercial sale*
  • You can NOT use my recipes in a cookbook (etc) in some way that you make money

The *: if someone (friend, family) gives you a few dollars to help pay for the ingredients you used, nobody is going to go apeshit.  Don’t brew this at commercial scale or with the intent to profit.

Social Media

I’m on twitter at @HamBrew807 and Untappd under Batavia Basement Brewing Co and HamBrew807

I don’t (yet) have a Facebook page or G+ page or anything.

Contacting Me

If you have a comment for the blog, the best place to post it is, well, on the blog.  I do close comments on old articles after 90 days.  For other stuff, use the form below.  Mind you, I have three blogs, a full-time job (sometimes an additional part-time job), and three kids. You may not get a response.