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Cooking With Beer: Winter Ale Cupcakes with Stout Icing

I made some cupcakes with beer!

I used this recipe from Hallmark (of all places) substituting Alaskan Winter Ale for the Guinness in the recipe.

Beer and cocoa and beer!

Cooking the batter

Ready to go into the oven!

Taste-testing the cupcake, no icing yet…

The cupcakes initially tasted like lesser-sweet chocolate cupcakes, however after they cooled you could definitely taste the maltiness.  Alaskan Winter is an old ale, it’s on the malty side, and I’m glad I used that and not something hoppy.

The icing was the porter frosting from this recipe. I used Braxton Dead Blow stout instead of the porter.

Once the frosting was completed, it had a coffee flavor that was really quite nice.  Additionally, the frosting recipe is enough for two batches, so I have some in my freezer!


Hammerdown Brew Cup Soapbox

I entered four beers into the Hammerdown Brew Cup.  This is by far the most that I’ve ever entered into a competition.  These beers I feel really good about.


Mesa Cerveza Vienna Lager

This is from a recipe I copied and adjusted from Five Blades Brewing.  The adjustments were because of my less efficient system and because my LHBS didn’t have Blackprinz (and I’ve never seen it there). I used Carafa III instead, which is a dark de-bittered malt.  The taste is slightly nutty, not at the level of a nut brown, though. I find it quite pleasing and it pairs well with Mexican (or well, Mexican-styled American) food.  There will be more of a blog post about this one coming soon.  Entered as 07A: Vienna Lager.

Don’t Pout Cherry Stout

This is a milk stout where I racked a gallon onto some canned cherries. While the base beer is just okay, the cherries make it taste quite pleasing. The base beer uses Carafa II, which doesn’t really have the roasty flavor of roast barley that I was looking for (the LHBS was out of roast barley when I was getting ingredients).  Entered as 29A: Fruit beer.

Brew United Kölsch

This beer has been talked about extensively before and it scored pretty well at Brew United. However, I’m not a huge fan of the beer and gave away copious amounts of this beer – everyone else loved it. So I’m seeking validation.  Entered as 05B: Kölsch.

Vampire Dust

Sometimes I just want to experiment. So I did. This is a pre-prohibition lager, but with Citra instead of historical hops. The BJCP 2015 guidelines specifically say that for pre-prohibition lagers, “a fruity or citrusy modern hop character is inappropriate” (57).  So entering it in category 27 (historical beers) would not have been the right thing to do and would have guaranteed a poor score.  Entered as a 34C: Experimental Beer.  Not guaranteed to place well, of course, as it isn’t really an experiment… well, yeah, it actually was.

Judging is on April 23. Cheers!