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Totally “Unauthorized” Look at a New Cincinnati Brewery

Unauthorized? Yeah maybe.  This is in plain sight, so it’s fair game, right? I’m not a journalist anyway…

There is another new “brewery” coming to Cincinnati, Mio’s Pizza in Anderson (at the corner of Eight Mile and Clough Pike).

I go to this Mio’s somewhat regularly (the pizza is great, and the beer list is excellent), and I also go to Paradise Brewing regularly (because homebrewing!). I initially heard about Mio’s plans at Paradise, and saw them coming to fruition over the last few visits.

The plan hanging in the window

The plan hanging in the window (pic: 11/13/16)

Hot liquor tun? 1-2 bbl?

Hot liquor tun? 1-2 bbl? (pic: 11/13/16)

That same HLT (I think). Looks like a fermenter was in the bar and I didn't notice... I guess I'll have to go back for more recon.

That same HLT (I think). Looks like a fermenter was in the bar and I didn’t notice… I guess I’ll have to go back for more recon. (pic: 11/20/16)

Based on the plan, it looks like one 2 bbl fermenter, so obviously not a huge production so it seems highly likely they will still maintain their excellent selection of craft beers*. One of the things talked about with some of the newer craft breweries is a return to having neighborhood breweries.  This seems to fall in line with that, but with brewing being second to food.  Given the small scale of production, that’s probably going to be fine.

I haven’t talked to the owners or anything, but since they are growing hops outside and they have good pizza and service, I’ll definitely give their beers a try, and I’ll be monitoring their progress… as I drop by to have a pizza with the family.

Update: This was supposed to post on November 21, but it did not.  A few weeks (or less) after writing, I stopped in and was told by a waiter that their brewery will be more educational/community, which will be pretty cool!


‘* = the beers I can remember include MadTree Pilgrim, Nowhere In Particular Batch 4, Stone Enjoy By 7/25/16 Tangerine IPA, Figleaf Iso-Trope, Old Firehouse The Chief, Jackie O’s Firefly Amber, Urban Artifact Kicksled.