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Cooking With Beer: Winter Ale Cupcakes with Stout Icing

I made some cupcakes with beer!

I used this recipe from Hallmark (of all places) substituting Alaskan Winter Ale for the Guinness in the recipe.

Beer and cocoa and beer!

Cooking the batter

Ready to go into the oven!

Taste-testing the cupcake, no icing yet…

The cupcakes initially tasted like lesser-sweet chocolate cupcakes, however after they cooled you could definitely taste the maltiness.  Alaskan Winter is an old ale, it’s on the malty side, and I’m glad I used that and not something hoppy.

The icing was the porter frosting from this recipe. I used Braxton Dead Blow stout instead of the porter.

Once the frosting was completed, it had a coffee flavor that was really quite nice.  Additionally, the frosting recipe is enough for two batches, so I have some in my freezer!